VVT Summary of Policies

Insurance and A.B.C. License

All Vinvision customers are responsible for providing property insurance for their own inventory.

A certificate of insurance for “property at additional location” must be on file for storage customers.

The Alcoholic Beverage Control requires that we have a current license copy on hand. The usual license types are:

TYPE 2: Wine Growers License
TYPE 9: Beer & Wine Importer’s License
TYPE 14: Public Warehouse License

Storage Fees

All inbound storage will be charged $0.15 per case.

Monthly Storage Fees: (Case lots per SKU)

1 - 5 cases $ 0.50 per month
6 - 100 cases $ 0.25 per month
101 - 500 cases $ 0.23 per month
501 - 999 cases $ 0.21 per month
1000 & OVER $ 0.20 per month
Minimum storage charge: $35.00 per month

Cross Dock

• $1.00 per case. Goods must be picked up within 7 days.

Will Calls/Out Fees

All outside trucking companies making an appointment for pick-up must contact Vinvision before 3:00 p.m. the day PRIOR to the pick-up.

$5.00 (minimum charge) per order with a case count of 11 or under.

$0.45 per case - orders with case counts of 12 or more.

Freight Consolidation

• $1.10 per case plus current fuel surcharge

Inventory Reporting

• Yearly and upon advanced request

Order and Delivery Procedures and Policies

Orders are sent to Vinvision via:

Fax: 831-632-2296

Email: orders@vinvisiontrucking.net

All orders for next day delivery must be in by 3:00 p.m.

All orders requiring special handling, such as re-packing or labeling must be in by 10:00 a.m. for next day delivery

All orders must have delivery instructions or information required for delivery to your account such as:

Order number

Purchase order number

Receiving hours

Vinvision will contact you whenever the following occurs:

Order is refused by the account.

The account is closed the day of delivery and unreachable by phone.

*Power On/Power Off Pick-Ups & Deliveries:

  Quantity Charges
1 – 35 cases $75.00 Flat Fee
36 – 55 cases $ 2.00 per case
56 – 112 cases $ 1.75 per case
113 – 167 cases $ 1.50 per case
168 – 279 cases $ 1.25 per case
280 – 391 cases $ 1.00 per case
392 + cases $ .80 per case


Wednesday & Friday:



-Santa Rosa




-St. Helena


For all other locations please call: Terry Gallagher 831-632-2280 Ext. 1

* A Fuel Surcharge will be added to all Pick-Ups and Deliveries. This charge is based on the Market Rate and subject to change without notice.

Additional Services and Fees

Sales Orders: $1.25 per delivery document generated.

Same Day Orders: $35.00 per order requiring same day picking and staging.

Late Orders: $6.00 per late order received after 3:00 p.m.


C.O.D. Orders: $7.50 per order in addition to cost of delivery.

Restock Fees: $0.75 per case returned to stock due to refused orders, accounts not open at time of delivery stated on documents, order revisions, and order cancellations.

Refused Orders: Fee based on number of delivery attempts and number of cases.

Split Case Charge: $3.50 per case for bottle orders and samples.

Warehouse Labor: $40.00 per man/per hour for unloading containers, UPC labeling, etc.

No Pallet Exchange: $7.50

United Parcel Service: UPS delivery fees will be charged in addition to $5.00 repack fee and cost of materials. We will give you an estimated time and cost quote based on the delivery address, weight and dimensions of your shipment.

Repack Fee $5.00
Shipper Size Charge
12-pack box $9.50
8-pack box $9.00
6-pack box $5.75
4-pack box $4.50
3-pack box $4.25
2-pack box $4.00
1-pack box $2.80

UPS Ground-Business Days in transit from Castroville.